Frequently asked question
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Yes, it will. Go Hang It works great when you are trying to hang a collage and items together. This is due to the fact that when you use the system, you are identifying and marking your nail holes while holding the picture up on the wall. You can see where they are lining up! If you are hanging a collage and have a larger picture or one with a wire hanger, we suggest hanging that one first and building the collage from there.
D-rings can be tricky...some are quite floppy while others are stiff and remain in place. We recommend if your D-rings are floppy, you can insert the MagneKeys with the D-rings pointing up, like they would be positioned on the wall, and use a temporary piece of tape across the D-Ring to keep them in place. That way you can be assured the hardware and MagneKeys will stay in place as you mark your nail holes. Then simply remove the tape and MagneKeys and hang your picture! Of course, if you find that your hardware simply won't work with Go Hang It, we give you 85 pieces of premium hardware that are sure to work perfectly.
Go Hang It was not designed for hanging on concrete walls. The MagneKeys that mark the walls are designed for drywall and softer wall surfaces. HOWEVER, you can use a red marker (or paint) and color the positioning point tips of the MagneKeys. This way when you hold the picture up to mark your nail holes and push, the red color will mark the concrete wall slightly and you can see where to mount your hardware.
Yes it works on triangle as long as they are metal. The MagneKeys require metal to work properly. You can also use the picture hanging hardware included as an alternative as well.
Absolutely! Go Hang It is perfect for wire hanging pictures. The unit telescopes and extends out, then you suspend the wire across the two hooks and hold it up and level it on the wall. If it is a large, heavy picture, you may need an extra set of hands to help you remove the picture while holding the Go Hang It in place on the wall. For heavy pictures, we recommend mounting your hardware in the wooden stud of your wall. Please watch our demo videos and read the instructions
When Go Hang It extends, the distance from the lowest hook to the top "handle" is 8 inches. We recommend that your wire be no more than 1/3 of the way down from the top of the picture for best results. One option would be to move the wire up just a bit. Or each Go Hang It comes with our amazing Single-Notch Precision Hangers that easily mount to the edges and are the best solution for hanging anything with the Go Hang It MagneKeys.
Go Hang It currently does not work with keyholes. But we are always working to improve our products and keyholes is on our list!